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one,tow,three,four,five 演唱:小蓓蕾组合 One two three four five Once I caught a fish alive Six seven eight nine ten Then I let it go again Why did you let it go Because it bite my finger so which finger did it bite This little finger on the right One two

take play love

say hello.希望能帮到你.

KT Tunstall的Black Horse And The Cherry Tree开头是two, three, four而且那不是组合..Oasis有一首歌我记得开头有one two three four,哪一首不记得了..

应该是这个吧. 歌曲:one two three four 歌手:acid house kings 专辑:we're the acid hous 搜索"one two three four"LRC歌词 搜索"one two three four"mp3 [ti:one two three four] [ar:acid house kings] [al:we're the acid house kings] i just

Disco Inferno 这首没错了,只有女生才了解女生,拿走不谢

少女时代的《视觉梦想》歌名:视觉梦想 歌手:少女时代 专辑:视觉梦想 发行时间: 2011年01月16日 专辑类别: EP、单曲 歌词:One Two Three Four One Two Three Four One Two Three Four

你找的应该是brian mcknight的《back at one》!歌曲:back at one歌手:brian mcknight 专辑:brian mcknight it's undeniable that we should be together it's unbelievable, how i use to say that i'd fall never the basis is need to know if you don't

歌曲:one two three four 歌手:leslie feist one two three four〖一二三四〗 tell me that you love me more〖告诉我你更加爱我〗 sleepless, long nights〖失眠与漫漫长夜〗 that was what my youth was for〖那是我年轻时的困扰〗 oh teenage hopes

那个说实话我没听出音乐来== 不过如果是有 one two three four 的音乐 我倒是知道一个 不过不是那么闹哄哄的 就叫one two three four 你可以去看看 是一个f打头的外国人唱 的

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