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歌手名:Brenda Lee 专辑名: If You Love Me Brenda Lee If the sun should tumble from the skies if the sea should suddenly run dry If you love me really love me let it happen I won't care If it seems that everything is lost I will ...

i asked her if she had a bike中if能换成whether,都是“是否”的意思

Years ago,if a teenager had some problems in her life,she might go home and write in her diary. Now,a teenager with __1__ problems might go onto the Internet and write about them in a blog(博客). In many ways,a diary and a blo...

如果一个女人不能让她犯的错误变得迷人,她只是一个雌性。 这句话选自《亚瑟·萨维尔勋爵的罪行》 famale:雌性,女人 mistake:错误 charming:(形容词)迷人的

ever 副词 ad. 1.(多用于疑问句、否定句和表示条件和比较的附属从句)在任何时候;从来;至今 If you ever see George, give him my kind regards. 如果你见到乔治,请代我向他致以亲切的问候。 She was happier than she had ever been. 她比以前任...

这样翻译比较好点,if i were him/her,不是he/she,were后面用宾格。 无误请采纳!

A A考察时态。句义:如果你认为对待一个女生好意味着总是为了一些事情得到他的允许,请三思。Mean doing sth意味着做某事,符合上下文语境。故A正确。

1.He told that he would go to the college the next year 他告诉我他下一年上大学. 2.Nobody knew whether he could pass the exam. 没人知道他是否会通过考试. 3.Have you determined whichever you should buy,a Motorola or Nokia cell pho...

翻译如下 If she were to be here next Monday, I would tell her about the matter 从句把to be去掉是不可以的。 该句were to表示对将来的虚拟。表示: 如果她下星期一来这里,我就告诉她这件事。 如果把to be去掉,就是对现在的虚拟,不符合英...

wonder if 想知道是否…… 希望我的回答可以帮到你。

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