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《我的天空》我的天空 再见我的爱 I wanna say goodbey 再见我的过去 I want a new life 再见我的眼泪跌倒和失败 再见那个年少轻狂的时代 再见我的烦恼 不再孤单 再见我的懦弱 不再哭喊 Now I wanna say 我的未来 在无尽的黑夜 所有都快要毁灭

歌手:eternal 专辑:always and forever I can remember the time when I first tasted love It tasted so good there just wasn't enough Since you entered my life things could never be the same, no And if ever you left me there'd be everlasting pain 'Coz

i wanna say goodbye我想说再见双语对照例句:1.I just wanted to say goodbye before I left. 我只是想在离开前来跟你告别.2.I'd like to say goodbye to her. 我想和她道个别.

i wanna say goodbye 我想说再见


张雨生 i don't wanna say goodbye 作词:陈乐融/作曲:陈志远 don't wanna say goodbye i don't wanna say goodbye i don't wanna say goodbye 我不想看见你愁眉深锁 你不想看见我只有自我 无情的天空下苍白的风 在我们眼里却还有一个梦

wanna=want to 所以:I wanna say goodbye=I want to say goodbye.

I wanna say goodbye !

我的天空, 演唱 南征北战

楼主,很遗憾的告诉你,楼上的都搞错了,这首歌是Michael Learns To Rock的“That's Why (You Go Away)”下面是歌词:Baby won't you tell me why there is sadness in your eyesI don't wanna say goodbye to youLove is one big illusion I should

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