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Alone 来自 Alan Walker

歌曲名:I'M Not Alone 歌手:Calvin Harris 专辑:Ready For The Weekend Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Radio Edit) / 卡尔文·赛哈利斯 — 不再孤寂 翻译:Spike Dai @ SPIKEDAI的优酷视频空间 校对:Tony Chang @ LK 歌词组 翻译分队 Can you s...

Alan Walker的alone

《I Know I‘m Not Alone》歌词 — Michael Franti&Spearhead

not alone 歌手:all that remains 专辑:the fall of ideals No more No more are the days that I will Fear for I have found a strength that None can match and I'll push forward Never has the blood in my veins Flowed so fiercely as...

Some days I barely hold on 有些日子我几乎没有坚持下去 When life drags me down 当生活把我拽下来 I wanna let go 我想放手 But when my spirit is weak 但在我精神脆弱的时候 You come to my aid 你来帮助了我 And strengthen my soul 使我...

Lost in your mind 迷失在你的想法(?灵魂) I wanna know 我想知道 Am I loosing my mind 失去自我 Never let me go 从来不让我走 If this night is not forever 如果今晚不是永恒(?不太会翻) At least we are together 至少我们还在一起 I...

I am not alone :我不孤独,我不是孤独一人,我不是孤身一人 双语例句 1. I am not alone though he is far away. 虽然他不在我身边,但我不感到孤独。 2. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me. 其实我不是独自一人,因为有父与我同在。

hat you are not alone 你并不会孤单 For I am here with you 我永伴你身旁 Though you're far away 不管你多远 I am here to stay 我守候在天边 The You Are Not Alone trope as used in popular culture. Disambiguation: This is the WAFFy t...


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