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hAvE A soCCEr gAmE造句

1 踢足球..

1 Jim wants an MP4.2 it is time to have the birthday party3 I haven't played in any soccer games this term.再看看别人怎么说的.


have a soccer game[hv][][sk(r)][gem]有一场足球比赛

We have a soccer gamein theafternoon.

Some students dont have a soccer game .

如果是具体的比赛,根据实际情况用单数或复数.本句单数合适.如果用game表示运动会,一般用复数形式,表明运动会包含很多运动项目.We have a soccer game.

你好!Do you have a soccer game in your school 打字不易,采纳哦!

There will be a soccer game at 5 o'clock in the afternoon.据我所知 there be 和have 不能一块用吧

do you have a soccer ball? 同义句是(have)you(got)a soccer ball?

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