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forget to do 忘记要去做某事. (未做) Don't forget to come tomorrow.别忘了明天来. (to come动作未做)

I forgot to bring my book to school.

1.Mr Smith is strict in teaching.2.Remember to come to my office after class..3.He remembered telling you the truth.4.Don't forget to hand in your homework after class.

1. It helps me to know that other women have the same problems as I do. 这帮我了解到其他妇女也有和我一样的问题.” 2. It is also argued that schools need to turn out pupils ready for the world of work, and that work experience helps to do this.

bathroom 英[b:θru:m] 美[bθrum, -rm, bθ-] n. 浴室;盥洗室;(带抽水马桶的)厕所;卫生间 名词复数:bathrooms [例句]the next thing is the bathroom.接下来要看的就是浴室.

be surprised to 英文造句 I was surprised to find that I have passed my maths exam.He is surprised to see him.Don't be surprised to find that you have failed all of your exams, because you were lazy!很希望我的回答会对你有帮助.如有不明白,可以再追问,若满意请采纳,谢谢你,并祝你进步!

forget to do sth 是表示忘记去做某事,这件事没有做. forget doing sth 是表示忘记做了某事,这件事做了. 例如 Sorry,I forgot to bring the book.(对不起,我忘了带书了.) I forgot borrowing a book from you.(我忘记曾经向你借过书这件事)

be afraid to do sth.真正的意思是“害怕做某事”,也就是主语对做某事内心感到恐惧 eg: He was afraid to go out alone at night.

造句:Due to the heavy rain, we have to stay in the hotel all day.因为大雨,我们不得不一整天待在旅馆里.

groan造句:Slowly, he opened his eyes. As he did so, he began to groan with pain.他慢慢地睁开眼睛,并发出痛苦的呻吟.

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