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last/continue for

break短语的用法做一归纳. 1. break down破坏, 毁掉; 破除;制服;坍塌, 坏掉;(计划等)失败, 破裂;(健康、精神)崩溃;分解 Who broke down the doors of our classroom? 谁把我们教室的门打坏了? The old rules must be broken

perdure 持续 继续


remain 是保持 原来状态 (关键在"状态" )remain standing, seated 一直站着,坐着maintain 维持/保持maintain good relations.维持良好的关系continue是继续,比如the story continues,和前两个没啥一样的


continue英 [kntnju:] 美 [kntnju] 1.VERB 继续;持续 If someone or something continues to do something, they keep doing it and do not stop. I hope they continue to fight for equal justice after I'm gone 我希望我走了以后他们能继续为

continue to do sth.是指停下一件事去做另一件事continue doing sth.是指继续做你刚刚做的事,用于同一件事continue sth和continue with sth.没什么区别

1.+to dorefuse wish need choose hope agree try begin would like offer It's adj2.+doingfinish enjoy mind miss be worth prctice have fun have trouble in spend(in)feel like be used to be busy keep on giv


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