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the world goes really fast.in the future,people will live in a better and more convenient life.for example,there must be a lot of rebort to help people work or even with your housework.so that,you can just do what you like.and for that time,you need not to

there are not any books in the library in the future

We will read books in the future.

there(won't)(be)(any)book in the future

望采纳It's not certain whether he is going to write more books in the futuresure 和certain 的辨析二者的不同点: 1.在"It is certain that…/ to do something"结构中,It是形式主语,此时一般不用sure.如: It is certain to take him a lot of time.肯定会占


答案是:1. Books will be on computers in the future 2. people will live to be 200 years old 3. there won't be any paper money in 100 years 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳 句子的意思是: 在将来书将在电脑上 2. 人们将活到二百岁 3.在一百年后将不再有纸币 第一句掉了个单词:1. Books will be only on computers in the future


你可以把教科书上的话完整的写一下吗~~ 按说这种情况只能是否定在think一词上.原因之一:问题问的是does she think..,回答自然是no, she doesn't think 原因之二:即使抛开问答的模式,单造句的话,“她认为将来就不会有书了”也应说成

in the future,life will be much better.maybe there well be vision phones in every family.people can have a medical examination without a doctor or nurse in the room if people want to do some shopping,they do not need to leave their homes. and what

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