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Ask For hElp造句

Mike didn't understand this question,so he asked teacher for help.麦克不理解这个问题,所以他向老师询问.I am new here,I must(have to) ask for help.我是新来的,必须求助.

I ask him for help

ask sb. for sth = ask sb. to do sth

为你提供三个完整句子:i asked my mother for some pocket money. 我跟妈妈要点零花钱.the stranger asked me for directions. 那个陌生人向我问路.you are asking me for help. 你正在求助于我.(当然我也很乐意帮助你,不是吗?) 正确答案,放心使用,请及时采纳.谢谢!

造句为:He asks me for help politely.他很有礼貌地向我寻求帮助.希望可以帮到你望采纳

用ask for造句:1、Do you want me to be polite, or are you asking for information ?你是要我讲漂亮话,还是真想知道些情况?2、A question is a sentence that asks for information 疑问句是一个要求资讯的句子.3、Ask for information to be

ask sb. for sth = ask sb. to do sth 答案补充 ask for 有索要,请求的意思 比如ask for a heip 就是请求帮助 ask sb to do sth是让某人做某事的意思. 比如:my teach asked me to finish the task tomorrow 意思是老师让我明天完成任务 ask sb. for sth 例如:我想说"我向爸爸要些钱".i ask my father for some money 参考资料:sousou

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I always ask for money

I was too nervous to ask the teacher for help.

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