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AnothEr timE造句

Try to find another time to present work or ideas this week . 本周,试着在其他时间展示你的工作或想法. He would repair his bicycle and try another time to be the world 's fastest man on a bike . 他会修理一下他的自行车,然后下一次再努力成为世界上骑自行车最快的人.

you can do it another time 这个another time说白了就是个时间状语.可以用在一个句子中间,表示这个动作完成的时间.答题不易,望采纳

您好!很高兴为您解答!maybe another time意思是“也许另外的时间”(强调任一时间) another"另外的,又一的” eg:Maybe another time we will go to travel.maybe next time意思是“也许下一次”(强调下一次) eg:Maybe next time we will go to travel 希望可以帮到您,祝您成功!

another time 的本义是“另外的时间”,根据句子的语境不同,它可以译为“另外的时间”“改日”等.从语法上看,它有时是名词性短语,有时副词性短语. 1. 用作名词性短语时,它可用作主语或宾语(用作动词宾语或介词宾语).如:

不一样,another time是下次,再一次而one more time是再来一次.i do it one more time 是我再来一次(前面已经做过了,接着再来一次)i do it another time 是我下次再做(不是接着做,而是下次再找时间)

Maybe next time.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

I have another apple

by the time our teacher came in ,we had started speaking English. 在老师进来前,我们都已经开始讲英语了. by the time when got to the bus station,the bus had left. 在我们到达车站时,汽车早就开走了. By the end of last year,another new gymnasium had been completed.(2003上海春)到去年年底,又有一座新体育馆峻工了.

We can make it another time.(我们可以再来一次)Thank you for your invitation to your house for dinner next Saturday. (谢谢你邀请我下周去你家吃晚饭.)

你好!主句Another time expression you will hear+ that引导同位川蒂沸郦度垫砂叮棘语从句shows chronology is "several year".希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

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