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Dear Li Hua, I had a birthday party at my home last month .I invited some of my classmates to the party .The party began at 8a.m .on Sunday .All my classmates were not be

HELLO, my dear (人名), attends the birthday party. I cannot let you disappointedly. we gonna have alot people aroud, and also food,wine free beers nice music. I would really happy to see you if you show up.

邀请信一定要将邀请的时间(年、月、日、钟点)、地点、场合写清楚,不能使接信人存在任何疑虑.例如:“I'd like you and Bob to come to Luncheon next Friday.”这句话中所指的是哪个星期五并不明确,所以应加上具体日期, “I'd like

常见英文邀请信范文 2006-10-30 19:12 一、Dear sir/madam:Im delighted you have accepted our invitation to speak at the Conference in [city] on [date].As we agreed,youll

april 20, 2009 (靠右写) 2009年4月20日(靠右写) dear bill, 亲爱的比尔, this sunday is my twenty birthday party. i'm writing to inviting you to at my home at 6pm. as my best friends, i hope you can come. i also have invited many of our

Dear John: I would like to extend to you an invitation to be our guest of the gragon boat racing to be held at the [city name] at December the thirtieth, 2009. As you know, the gragon boat festival is a importand traditional festival of China, which is

五种常用的英文邀请信 一、dearsir/madam:imdelightedyouhaveacceptedourinvitationtospeakattheconference in[city]on[date].asweagreed,youllbespeakingonthetopic""from[time]to[time].there willbeanadditionalminutesforquestions.

我是一个广东省化妆品(cosmetic)公司的老板(负责人),听说李明是一个知名科技大学的毕业生,他在上学期间打了许多兼职,例如发传单,贴海报等.他靠自己的打工养活自己,现在我希望写一封邀请信邀请他来我们公司工作. dear li

dear li hong, 亲爱的李洪, next monday is my birthday.i'm going to hold a birthday party at home in the evening.it will start at 7:30.would you like to come?i've also invited some other classmates of ours and some of my friends. 下星期一是我的

Dear Liu Ming:This letter is about the lecture hosted by John Smith from New York University. I saw the Post on 24th June, and the lecture is between 2pm to 4pm, on 26th June,2010 at the Second Reading Room in Library. I would like to invite you to

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