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去百度文库,查看完整内容> 内容来自用户:三一文库 以下给大家分享关于英语招聘启事的范文,欢迎大家阅读参考! ▲关于英语招聘启事的范文一: The Oriental scientific instrument import and export group co., LTD is a large holdings of the

An English Editor Wanted We need a Volunteer to work for us.If who has good English and Artist Talent,could have a try.In addition,be Voluntary to take some rest time to serve Classmates.Someone who is interested could connect to Students

When preparing for job interviews,many job seekers focus on crafting answers to hard questions.“What is your greatest weakness?”“If you were an emoji,which one

Responsibility: Physical Installation on job training (1 Month) System Commissioning on job training (1 Month) Integration and Network Acceptant Test on job training (1 Month)

Teachers wanted Are you good with kids? Do you like to work with a group of nice children? And are you good at English? We need sme English teaters for kids of 7-10 in the after-school study program. The teachers will have classes every Tuesday and Thursday eveving. If you want to join us, please call us at ********.

私人助理/秘书 Personal Assistant/ Secretary Required for Chief Executive of a new Company involved in film and television industry.Requirements include:* Ability and initiative to work on your own and to develop the position to its full potential.*

Greetings, prospective Lenovo interns! This year, our program is heading into its 10th year of bringing China's best and brightest to the nation's capital to help China's most successful technology company improve its reach into the next

Bilingual Secretary Wanted Our company requires a bilingual secretary for our office.She must be bilingual in English and Japanese. Competitive salary and good benefits package, with a challenge to grow within this expanding enterprise, are

Staff needed In order to meet the development of our NANGFANG COMPANY ,we are now need two manager assistants .requirement below: 1.under 25 years old,single,above 160CM in height,healthy 2.strong ability of organism and cooperation

Applied conditions as follows: 1, male or female, age is under 25; 2, the province residents; 3, apply good English; 4, familiar with computer operation. Interested in two months, please send your resume, recent photo two pieces of mail to the NBA computer company miss Mary.希望百我的度回答会帮内到您容

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