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将下列中文文章翻译成英文! 急需 谢谢.

The 20th century, communication technology on human society have great influence, which USES the communication technology is one of the many computers linked together form the Internet, namely the Internet. The emergence of the Internet

准确;FPGA field-programmable gate array integrated and complex as the highest level of programmable ASIC. Is a new type of ASIC categories, it built on innovative ideas and the invention of advanced EDA technology. Calculators, multipliers,

JinXiChe, 1983, was born on July 10th.A: ? Korean ? ?. English: Heechul Kim.Cinderella: I CengYongMing (that) he is concurrently singer, actress, host, the DJ, MC, his fans are usually called -- petals.Nickname: big, Cinderella (Cinderella)* zodiac:

When is one's turn I said that I tell teacher: After I grow up, must arrive at the village to be an English teacher, helps there child to open the path world the front door. In order to achieve this desire, I must study well, is upward daily, decides to start from the present diligently

American English and British English has a few little differences exist in spelling and grammar, in part is the American English in the British English spelling of irregular law. And the language of the 20 th century reform different (such as Turkey's

文章一:Respect of sir or madam: I am pleased to recommend to you my students, a * * * I am satisfied with the student, he was about to apply for admission to your computer specialized courses. He is a computer college 07 level of computer

1. China's accession to the WTO will provide China and other Asian and world economic development of all countries and regions to inject new vitality.2. Some have a long history of symbolic festival features food is an essential companion.3. That

refers to the dawn and dawn) incarnation; (in fact;mystery&quot, was the God of the sun and the moon goddess'When humans first look at the sky to see the northern lights at the moment, she is the north wind and the variety of magnitude more stars

I think you will live in my heart forever.But l am always me.l am a geart boy.

International trade depends on the development of transport, efficient mass transport of goods, but the entire international community for survival and development are indispensable. Transport in international trade, maritime transport has always

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