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The well known soft drink Coca Cola is a case in point. In every advertisement of Coca Cola, the feeling of having a drink of Cola is described as wonderful and fantastic. At the same time, some excellent advertising slogans, such as "Cola Adds

Hello: My name is **,I like sports very much.I am good at swimming.I also like riging a bike.Because my home is far from school,I ride to school everyday.I admire my English teacher very much! A different people have different ideas. I think the most

SANQUAN APARTMENT(公寓) Offers you a comfortable and safe home at reasonable rates ready for lease(租借). Next to the Landmark Building and opposite to the Lufthansa Centre with river view. Indoor swimming pool, tennis court,

自我介绍和我的爱好 I am a down-to-earth and easygoing guy. I have a wide range of interests. In my leisure time, I like going out with my friends to enjoy the warmth of friendship and fascinating scenery of nature. When I am alone, I prefer to bury

我来给你讲个小笑话. Private ConversationLast sunday ,I went to the theater. I had a good seat.The play was very interesting,but I did enjoy it.Bcause the yangman and the yangwoman were sitting bihand me.They were talking loudly.I did not here

给你一个网址吧,去掉链接中的“英”字.h英ttp://ww英w.yingyu5.co英m/Text(正文): A passenger told an air hostess that he needed a cup of water to take his medicine when the plane just took off. She told him that she would bring him the

Proporal about travelling to America on Christmas As the christmas is approching,the English club of Zhenjiang Forign Language school is planning to travel to America on Christmas. We are adout to stay there adout a week from December 24th to

At the house of noodles,we have some great specials!Special 1 is beef and potato noodles,and just 12 RMB.Special is only 10 RMB,and has cabbage and mutton noodles.

1.Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it.The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and refreshments. We ate,

一分钟?Okay.ABCDEFG means A Boy Can Do Everything For a Girl.Is it romantic?nope.Don't foget the HIJK.what' s that???He Is Just Kidding.

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