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Ladies and gentlemen:Good morning everyone!I am wuI am zhuangI am glad that my school friends to visit the United States.Let us warmly applauded to express their heartfelt welcome and our sincere regards!Today, we gather here to enjoy the

自动翻译的,不保证对: My dream 我是一个单纯的人,很少考虑未来会发生什么,会改变什么,但是我也有我的梦想,虽然很不切实际,但是却一直压在我的心底. I'm a simple man, seldom consider what will happen in the future, what will

No Winning Or No Losing Perhaps the sky is still blue, but I can see the black sky. Perhaps the flowers are still beautiful, but I can see the ugly flowers. Perhaps the sun still shines, but there's no sun in my world. Perhaps the world doesn't change,

You have seen this photo? Perhaps some students have in micro blog seen. That's right, the two men is the 2011 Beijing university entrance exam top and BangYan, to our surprise, they are a couple. Some see the announcement, more firmly

The title of my speech is value our tradition and build a new cultural system. the Western civilization is Still at advantage today, and many people think that their values are all correct, and ignore our traditional values.so, where are we now? For

Have you seen the photo?Perhaps some students have seen in micro blog.That's right, the two men is the very best and the second in the 2011 Beijing college entrance examination,to our surprise,they are a couple.So,Some see the announcement,

No doubt, English is the most important language in the world. Therefore, having great English skills will have numerous advantages. Luckily, I have realized the importance of learning English and worked hard on it since I was a child. However, 13

下面有3篇,你自己选一篇吧~My University LifeAs everybody knows, the life in university is of great difference from that in high school. You don't have to spend all your energy on your study. You will have much more spare time when entering

非机器,完全手翻,希望可以帮到你,You announce that you want to take the postgraduate examination, but never have I seen you put efforts in memorizing ne

Is Failure a Bad Thing? Failure is not a stranger to life. It can happen anywhere, anytime and to anyone. No person succeeds all the time. The more development you want to make, the more failure you might encounter. So, people are faced with

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