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是不是britney的《baby one more time》?Baby One More Time 歌手:Britney Spears 专辑:Baby One More Time (Oh baby baby) (Oh baby baby) Oh baby baby How was I supposed to know that something wasn't right here Oh baby baby I

是pretty boy 吧

你这给的也太模糊了吧 再看看别人怎么说的.

应该是 Justin Bieberbaby

也许是少女时代的the boys

Justin Bieber - Baby 超好听,如果你要是没被这首歌感动,你再来找我.记得是 My worlds专辑的.

开头一句应该是Mmm baby I don't understand you吧比较像,是xxxtentacion 唱的《changes》

babyJustin Bieber歌词是Baby, baby, baby, oh likeBaby, baby, baby, no likeBaby, baby, baby, ohI thought you'd always been mine, mine

justin bieber - babyOhh wooaah (3x) (你应该知道这是什么意思吧..)You 我的初恋就这样第一次伤了我的心And I was like 而我就像Baby, baby, baby nooo My

baby one more time 布兰妮(Oh baby baby)(Oh baby baby)Oh baby babyHow was I supposed to knowThat something was't right hereOh baby babyI shouldn't have let you goAnd now you're out of sight,yeahShow me how you want it to

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