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感谢的英文单词有:gratitude、hankful、benedictory 、thank 、grateful 1、gratitude 读音:英 ['rttjud] 美 ['rttud] 释义:n. 感激;感谢;感恩 例句:His heart overflowed with gratitude.他的心里充满了感激之情.2、thankful 读音

thanksthank youthank you all the sameyou are so kindI really appreciate youThank you very muchthanks a lot

其实最有用的是最简单的,只要你会用.我觉得有句很有用:thank you for sth 例如:thank you for your help thank you for your gift thank you for your conscientious service thank you for your immediate attetion.and so on

thankful:感谢的(adj 形容词 接名词) grateful:感谢的(adj 形容词 接名词) benedictory:感谢的(adj 形容词 接名词) appreciatory:感谢的(adj 形容词 接名词) testimonial:感谢的(adj 形容词 接名词) thank:感谢(n 名称) gratitude:感谢(n 名称) 如果对您有帮助,望采纳!

表达感恩的英语词有:1.与感恩节相关的俚语(To be) thankful (for something)(对某事)心存感激 This is a very common phrase that you'll hear around Thanksgiving. It is a way to express that you are thankful (happy) for the good things in your life.

1. Thank you very much2. That's very kind of you3. Thanks for your kindness4. It's very kind of you5. I appriciate of that6. That was impressive7. You are very kind8. I dont know how to show you my gratitude, but I really appriciate of what you have done

thanks.谢谢 thankful, grateful,appreciated 形容词 感激的

1. You're one in a million. 你真是大好人. 2. You're the greatest. 你最棒了.3. Thanks to you (we made it on time.) 都要多谢你(我们才能准时完成). 4. I couldn't have done it without you. 若是没有你,我不可能做到.5. I'm truly grateful for your help. 我非常感激你的帮助. 6. Your help was greatly appreciated. 你的帮助备受感激.7. I'd like to express my gratitude. 我要表达我的谢忱.

谢谢的英语单词是thanks thank you

Thank you for your cooperation 谢谢你的合作 Lot in the future to help 今后要多多帮助 To thank the support over the years 感谢多年以来的支持 It's very kind of you to say so. 这样说太客气了.Smooth cooperation 合作顺利 Say hello to your folks.

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