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把这两句话翻译成英文,急需 ,谢谢了

I can affirm now of say I really like to be a farmer, but my viewpoint always in the change, I don't know later meeting how, I also don't know hereafter I can really become a farmer.But I again enough time consider, penitence.

1 It is obvious that you want to suggest to me,and now I know,something in your eyes,you do not love me

Condensed world nine -- tenths of beauty and sadness.Each piece of SLATE, is a history.

I only give my friends gifts and cards, I usually write a lot of cards, I will sum up what happened this year, to a place I do not apologize, then I will put a number of recommendations to each other, of course, New Year's blessing. but someone gave me

Recently, I was busy students to participate in the election, a good result, a novel idea, a wonderful speech which I have made, but the point I was There is courage

actucally i have a dog, he(it)'s really lazy, he never pay attention to anyone, but if you say "come, eat meat." to him, he will came t

Can you see the shooting stars in the sky?Can you feel a broken heart?shooting star比较通俗一点,如果破碎的心是特指自己的也可以把a换成my

1. School campus is becoming a new tourist hot spot. 2. Campus is open to tourists, people of different views.

1:Love me, don't go. 2:I'll wait for you.

White meat black pudding: The white meat black pudding's white meat chooses the pig kidney platoon to make raw material, becomes after 5 working procedure processings, the white sliced meat thin like paper silks, the pulp is delicate, fat, but is

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