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一般现在时:the present tense 一般过去时:the past tense 现在进行时:the present continuous tense 一般将来时:the future tense

一般现在时The Present Indefinite现在进行时The Present Continuous一般将来时The Future Continuous


现在进行时:i'm answering your questions.i'm swimming.he's playing computer games.she's singing a song.they're playing cards.we are watching tv.are you listening to music?he's doing homework.she is dancing.they're playing tennis.将来时i will

一般将来时: The future What our life will be in the future ? We all once had our own thought .I think ,we won't need to go to school anymore .We will have computers at home ,and we can have classes at home through the computer .In addition,

中文名 现在进行时外文名 The Present Continuous Tense相关学科 英语表 示 时态用 法 正在进行的动作或存在的状态

一般将来时一般将来时 1) shall用于第一人称,常被will 所代替,二者都可以缩写成'll.will 在陈述句中用于各人称,在争求意见时常用于第二人称.Which paragraph shall I read first.Will you be at home at seven this evening?2) be going to +不定式

现在进行时是be加doing 一般现在时就是动词的一般形式或者第三人称单数 一般过去时是 动词的过去式


英语动词的时态是一种动词的形式. 不同的动词时态用以表示不同的时间和方式.共有十六种时态. 1.一般现在时:动词用一般形式,第三人称单数后要加-s或-es. 2.现在完成时:have + done (第三人称后用has + done) 3.现在进行时: be

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